About Us

Pro-Super was established in 1993 to provide a range of self-managed superannuation services and assistance to accountants and financial planners. Since that time, Pro-Super has grown to become a significant provider of superannuation services and products throughout Australia , all the while maintaining our independence.

Our superannuation fund trust deed is in use by over 22,000 of Australia's 425,000 superannuation funds. We provide year-end administration services on behalf of accountants' and financial planners' superannuation funds and during the 2011 financial year, will administer funds with over $400 million in assets.

Additionally, we supply consulting and other services to hundreds of accountants and financial planners, as well as large industry superannuation funds, life insurance companies, master trusts and financial planning groups.

Pro-Super has always been and remains committed to the self-managed superannuation industry, and our web-based services reflect our continuing goal of providing the highest quality products and services to this industry, both now and in the future.