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Pro-Super provides a broad range of products and services to assist you in developing and maintaining your SMSF business.

Schedule of Fees


New Super Fund

Our New Super Fund Establishment Service provides you with all of the documentation required to establish a self-managed superannuation fund. Included are 5 copies of our famous trust deed, all minutes of meetings, applications for membership, regulatory body forms, all provided in a fully indexed register, with soft copies emailed on the day of completion. If your order is received by us prior to 2.00pm, it will be dispatched the same day by overnight courier, anywhere in Australia.

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Deed of Amendment

Our Deed of Amendment Service includes a replacement of the existing operative provisions of the fund with a new, up-to-date set of rules. Our professional review and attention ensures that no resettlement of the trust occurs. The service includes 3 copies of the deed of amendment, all minutes of meetings and notices to members of the amendment. All documents are both emailed and delivered by courier. Please note, where the existing deed is not a Pro-Super or A.C.I.S. deed, we will require a copy of the original deed, or the most recent amending deed.

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Change of Trustee

Our Change of Trustee Service consists of preparation of a Deed of Resignation and Appointment of Trustee (3 copies), together with relevant minutes of meetings. Delivery is by both email and courier. Please note, where the existing deed is not a Pro-Super or A.C.I.S. deed, we will require a copy of the original deed, or the most recent amending deed.


Company Incorporation

We can facilitate the incorporation of both special purpose SMSF trustee companies, and general purpose companies which can be used for general trading, other trustee or LRBA purposes. Our service in includes registration of your company with ASIC, company constitution (3 copies), bank account assistance kit, regulatory forms, relevant directors' consents, share certificates and other required documents. Delivered both via email and courier and dispatched on the same day, if ordered before 2.00pm.


Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements

Pro-Super are experts on SMSF borrowing arrangements and can assist with establishment of the structures necessary for SMSFs to borrow to acquire assets. Please note that these types of transactions require precise documentation and execution. Please contact us to discuss each individual transaction prior to ordering.


Minimum Only and Transition To Retirement Pension Establishment

Pro-Super provides a service to assist in the establishment of account based pensions. This service includes calculation of pension amounts, and the preparation of relevant letters and minutes of meetings. `


Year End Accounting and Administration

Pro-Super provides a complete year-end fund administration service for our clients. All work is performed by qualified accountants. You will receive: 2 x copies of Financial Statements; Members’ Benefit Statements in full SIS compliance; Income Tax & Regulatory Return (with you, or our nominee as tax agents); Audit Engagement & Asset Confirmation letters; General Ledger & Trial Balance; Investment Register of Fund assets; Fully Indexed Auditor’s File (ready for audit), with compliance checklists, schedules for assets, liabilities, taxation, etc. already completed. In other words, ready for you (or your auditor of choice) to audit!

No references to Pro-Super appear on the documentation (you are sub-contracting us to work on your behalf). No contact with your client at any time, unless you request it.