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Welcome to SuperTalk For 2005

A happy new year to all of our readers. We trust that 2005 will be profitable for you in all respects. By now, you will have noted that we have altered the format of our newsletter. Rather than a straight email shot, our email now provides a link to the SuperTalk articles on our website. We believe that this is a much better way to present each week’s newsletter, as it gives us the ability to place all previous items in an online news archive. You can search the archive by typing one or more words in the search box, above. Alternatively, you can browse by category, simply by clicking on the News Archive item on the menu above.

At the present time, our archive is free to all comers. However, we will shortly place this valuable resource behind a firewall to ensure that it is available to Pro-Super clients only.

Of course, everyone will still be able to access the latest weekly newsletter, regardless of whether they are Pro-Super clients or not. However, only clients (defined as someone who has ordered at least one Pro-Super product or service within the past 12 months) will have access to the archive. We will let you know when this is happening and provide a simple, convenient and quick way to request login access to the archive.